Why choose PubliSpeak™?

With PubliSpeak™, you can enhance your brand image and add value to your publications. Broaden your audience and be accessible to everyone. It is WCAG, RGAA and ADA standards compliant.

Did you know that 15%Source: OMS report of the world population have disabilities. 1.5 billions people have visual impairments and 2.2 billions people have hearing problems. Don’t forget anyone when you communicate.

How does PubliSpeak™ work?

PubliSpeak™ is simultaneously an easily implemented project management system and an editing tool to create your article view (accessible HTML web page).

7 reasons to try it

  • 1

    Run your digital publications independently from conception to diffusion.

  • 2

    Boost your productivity via our specialised features: theme configuration, group management, multi-user...

  • 3

    Secure market opportunities and engage with new audiences: optimisation of SEO, social networks...

  • 4

    Enhance the value of printed content and offer a brand-new reader experience to your users: media library, corresponding publications, etc.

  • 5

    Build customised publications and be creative in the design of your article view with the assistance of our studio editor.

  • 6

    Take advantage of the non‑binding service and pay only for the content you publish.

  • 7

    Stand out from the rest by adhering to the digital accessibility standards.

Create Your Publication

PubliSpeak™ in 5 steps

  • 1

    Download your PDF

  • 2

    Customise to your company brand identity

  • 3

    Enrich your publication

  • 4

    Create your article view

  • 5

    Publish and share online

Key Features

  • Accessibility

    PubliSpeak™, first digital platform made to create and share accessible publications. ADA, WCAG and RGAA compliant publishing solutions.

  • Management

    Create, manage and organise your publications independently or with your team to improve productivity.

  • Branding

    Personalise your corporate documents according to your grahic charter to ensure a quality brand image.

  • Enrichment

    Transform your digital publication into a unique interactive experience. Build more reader engagement.

  • Optimisation

    Your publications are unique, make sure you optimise them for more ROI.

  • Editor

    Let your imagination free to create authentic publications. Our editor studio is the easiest way to create brochures and catalogues totally accessible and responsive.

Transform your PDF

Pricing, how does it work?

1 month free trial period

Enjoy a one month trial period to create your first e‑accessible publication with PubliSpeak™

License cost (excl. VAT/Page/Month)

  • 1 to 200 published pages
  • 201 to 400 published pages
  • 401 to 700 published pages
  • 701 to 1000 published pages
  • Over 1000 published pages

Options on request

  • Reading via voice synthesis
  • Landing Page


Use this Calculator to estimate the price of a PubliSpeak™ publication. Enter the number of pages of your publication and its on‑line time span.

1 680 €

Be sure to sign up for a free month's trial when you open your business account to help you set up your first publication.

  • Full autonomy

    license cost

    Project management
    by yourself

    Article view creation
    by yourself

    Editor Studio

  • Partial autonomy

    license cost

    Project management
    by yourself

    Article view creation
    custom quote

    Editor Studio
    on request

  • Degree of autonomy

    Service provision

    On request

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