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Our software solutions


Digital publishing solution

PubliSpeak™, transforms your PDF to a dynamic, responsive and e-accessible website. It’s the ideal solution to gain productivity and autonomy in managing web publications. Turn your PDF into a real communication tool.

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PDF Accessible

Smart PDF tagging application

PDF Accessible facilitates access to the content of the most widely used communication document: the PDF. Credits to our artificial intelligence algorithm, prioritize and structure the data contained in your PDFs and adhere with the ISO 14289-1 and PDF/UA norms. This way you can meet accessibility requirements and more.

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What is digital accessibility?

The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect. The Web can be accessed through different combinations of senses and physical capabilities just as other W3C activities ensure its operation across different hardware and software platforms, media, cultures and countries.
Tim Berners-Lee
Designer of the Web

To go further, digital accessibility ("a11y") enables people with disabilities to have an access to digital contents and services. In order to do so, international (W3C) and national (French RGAA) standards exist to avoid any discriminatory access to information.

DocAxess: Key figures

  • More than 100 000 PDF pages tagged per year


  • More than 70 ACTIVE CUSTOMERS - private companies and public organizations

  • 30% Turnover invested in R&D

Who are we?

DocAxess, a start-up launched in 2019, is a subsidiary of IPEDIS and benefits from its expertise in digital accessibility (consulting, support, audit and training).

IPEDIS and DocAxess were created by two passionate people, Moïse Akbaraly and Jackir Assan Aly around a common vision: to make digital accessibility a standard, as it benefits everyone, and to deploy industrial means to go further.

The PubliSpeak™ and PDF Accessible applications, allow DocAxess to respond to communication and accessibility issues and to place itself among the leaders in the accessible software market.

DocAxess is composed of dynamic and committed employees and has a research and development center that works closely with university laboratories.

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